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If you are a single woman and you want to SUCCEED in buying your own home with ease, then I have the ONE THING (you don't even know) you need! 

Many women suffer from the idea that buying a home isn't for a single woman.  

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you're a woman who wants to buy her own home, then THIS is exactly what you need, to do it with ease.

Almost 1 in 4 homebuyers is a single woman! Only 1 in 10 is a single man! 

Learn how to buy your dream home with EASE!

My Free Book Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with Ease  Reveals the most important factors of success for a woman like YOU buying your own home.

I show you how to Truly Position Yourself For Success.... without Figuring It All Out Yourself.  

And here is a quick and easy solution to master buying your dream home using techniques I've learned in over 25 years of experience…and it's easy and fun to read.

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Why Am I Giving Away Home Worthy 

During my years in the real estate industry and hosting two real estate reality TV shows on HGTV, I've worked with a lot of women buying real estate on their own.

I'm Sandra Rinomato and ever since I learned the ONE THING I've helped many single women buy their own homes successfully and with ease using this one thing. 

(And I've watched others who failed by not knowing the one thing)

Imagine, being able to get your dream home no matter what!

Here's a little about me....I've been a real estate broker for over 24 years now, I own my own office and I've hosted Property Virgins which was the #1 TV show on the network and I created and starred in my TV show called Buy Herself about single women buying real estate, I've won top producing agent awards, I've won the coveted Stevie Award for Women in Business, I'm an author, keynote speaker, mentor and coach.

You know what...I think it's really something that almost 1 in 4 home buyers is a single woman these days and by the way, only 1 in 10 is a single man. And I work with many women buying their own homes and investment properties, but I've noticed that some of them are successful and others...

Well, they get stuck along the way and they fail. Quite often abandoning their dreams of home ownership all together.

I worked to figure out the best way to help women advance themselves, and become independent, build wealth passively, make decisions easily, set and achieve goals, gain credibility and a sense of accomplishment and security.   

And I learned the ONE THING that can make any woman successful in buying her own home, no matter who she is or where she lives.

Home Worthy was born and it is my love-child!


Home Worthy: How to Buy Your Dream Home with EASE

Home Worthy is important to you no matter where you are right now.

Jann Arden
Canadian Superstar

“Sandra Rinomato is giving us all the opportunity to invest and believe and cheer on our future selves. Her expertise is unparalleled and her advice is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Sandra has done it all, she’s seen the markets rise and fall and rise again and she can show you how to become Home Worthy and truly live your best life."

Jann Arden
Singer, songwriter, actor, author, Hall of Fame Inductee

Limited Time Offer

Does This Sound Like YOU?

You are you a woman who has been thinking about buying your own home...

You thought about it then changed your mind

You are a woman who has never allowed yourself to dream about home ownership.

You're waiting for Mr.Right  (or Ms.Right)

You crave financial security, respect and credibility. 

You want to set yourself up for independence and be prepared for all that life offers down the road.

You feel like you have to know everything before you start.

You feel STUCK.

You're tired of living the life that others have prescribed for you. 

If any of these sound familiar, don't worry, you're not alone. I UNDERSTAND what it's like and share MY OWN STORIES...

..speaking from the heart
...helping you learn to love yourself
...identify and replace false beliefs with empowering truths as you learn that... are truly worthy and deserving. 


By the time you get half way through the book...

 you'll know EXACTLY what you want from life,'ll be learning how to overcome obstacles that stand in your way,'ll make more confident decisions in all aspects of your life, 

be able to set and achieve any goal,  build options for your future, wealth and your own independence.

And you don't have to figure it all out'll be learning from me, my 24 years experience as well as the experiences of other women.

Become the woman you are meant to be.

HOME WORTHY is about what you need to know so you can buy a home on your own with EASE!

Limited Time Offer

What's Inside Home Worthy? 

Home Worthy is essential reading that will guide you in exploring your values, beliefs, and goals when it comes to investing in yourself through real estate. 

Featuring true stories of women who have successfully purchased and others who have not, 

Home Worthy...

*delves into the importance for women of building equity

*explores the potential resistance from family and your inner critic due to cultural and social conditioning

*shows you how to work from within yourself to build confidence

*guides you through easy practices that will help you get what you deeply want

*shows you how you can allow yourself to dream and to know that you are, in every respect, home worthy.           
Home Worthy is for every woman who dreams of home ownership. 

And in Canada right now, that represents almost one in four of all home buyers. 

Check out what others are saying!

Ardelle Harrison
Co-author of Bank On Yourself: Why Every Woman Should Plan Financially To Be Single, Even If She’s Not. 
"Learn from Sandra and others who have done just that. Sandra shares many wise, practical and supportive suggestions to help do what is best for you."

Danielle Amos
Success & Prosperity Mindset Coach
Member of Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle with Silver Pin of Excellence
"Sandra conquers fear and self-love and everything in between in this book. It’s a perfect combination of real estate help crossed with self-help. There is so much valuable information in here that this book can literally transform your mindset and therefore your life!"

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author & Manifestation Mentor

Sandra provides valuable insights and recommendations to create success; in every area of your life."  

Home Worthy Is For YOU if...

  • ​you are tired of renting and paying someone else's mortgage
  • ​you've thought about buying your own home and then changed your mind
  • ​you never even ALLOWED yourself to dream about owning your own home
  • ​you're tired of living the life that others have prescribed for you
  • ​you are a woman who has been thinking about buying real estate
  • ​you crave financial SECURITY, RESPECT and CREDIBILITY
  • ​you feel STUCK
  • ​you want to be independent
  • ​you want to be prepared for everything life offers down the road
  • ​you want to build OPTIONS for the future
  • ​you want to become the woman you are meant to be
  • ​you want to be EMPOWERED
  • ​you want to be SUCCESSFUL
  • ​you want to achieve all that you can in life
  • ​you want to live life without limitation
  • ​you want to live YOUR BEST LIFE
  • ​you want to turn your wildest dreams into goals and CRUSH them
  • ​you want to attract the abundant life you've always wanted
  • ​you want to go from overwhelmed to complete clarity


Because I want to reach as many women as possible and help make empowered women the NORM. I want your light to shine brightly and show every woman and young girl that a woman can achieve anything she wants and without limitation. 

Maybe you'll become an inspiration for some women close to you, and maybe you'll love it so much you'll want to participate in other things I do.

Sound fair? :)

What makes this book worth a read is its delightfully dressed-down style; the voice is forthright, plain, no-nonsense, with a touch of self-admitted snark. 

What comes through again and again are Rinomato’s profound empathy and fierce advocacy for people wanting to build wealth and independence through real estate.
An essential read for those looking to buy a home.
- Kirkus Reviews

A MUST read for everyone!
This is not your typical real estate book. Sandra is a natural story teller and as I read this book I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. She delves into understanding what drives people to certain decisions and why. I highly recommend this book.
-Jessica Spodek

This book is NOT about how many bathrooms you need in your new home!
This is an insightful book full of great information. To the Moms out there, if you are raising a daughter, gift this book to your young lady. It is an important life book and will help her develop a positive, successful mindset for a happy and fulfilling life. Give her the tools to create her own destiny. Glad I read it and highly recommend it!
-Susanna D.

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